Detergent Powder

Biobliss Detergent Powder 500Gm Herbal Antibacterial Detergent Powder made of Soap Berries, Neem Powder, Cow Urine
Manufacturer: BioBliss
₹ 55.00

Biobliss Detergent Powder 

Test for colourness : Wet a small corner of garment, Iron area using piece of white cloth above moistened area. If colours do not run off the fabric, then wash off as normal. If colour runs do not leave to soak. Wash seperately and quickly in very mild solution. It is not recommended to combine, in same washing solution, bleach and powder detergent that contains enzymes. Don't wash the cloth that have "Dry Clean only" symbol. RInse throughly to remove soap berry's insoluble particles. 

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Size 500 GM"
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