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Eye Care Combo

Eye Care Combo The Cleanser removes excess oil from your skin while its added aroma soothes and relaxes stressed muscles and nerves. It cleanses dirt and impurities. It removes excess oil from your skin. The Under Eye Cream is blessed with potato extracts and natural aroma oils, this cream visibly removes wrinkles and dark circles from your eyes. Gentle on the skin, it works well on the delicate eye area without damaging the skin cells. It tightens the skin cells and improves skin elasticity and thus eliminates crow line wrinkles and sagging eye bags.
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I Care Combo

(Mint Magic 40gm + Eye Care 40gm)

Tired of dull, tired looking skin and puffy, dark under eye area? Stop worrying, start applying the 'I Care Combo' from Sattvik Organics ! It combines the powerful Mint magic Mask and Eye Care Cream which will work together to revamp your skin and remove dark circles naturally. Don't wait, just get this combo pack today and start applying regularly to see the stunning results !

Sattvik Organics Mint Magic Benefits:
• Reduces pore appearance & removes impurities
• Deep cleanses & rejuvenates for a smooth radiant skin
• Maintains ideal moisture balance
• Refreshes skin cells
• Keeps skin soft & supple

Sattvik Organics Eye Care Benefits:
• Removes under eye dark circles & evens skin tone
• Revitalises skin for firmer appearance
• Removes fine lines around eyes
• Rehydrates to remove puffiness
• Stimulates circulation

Size: Sattvik Organics Mint Magic 40gm + Sattvik Organics Eye Care 40gm


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