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Kumkumadi Under Eye Creme

Kumkumadi Under Eye Cream 15 gms Sesame oil infused with herbs of laksha, manjishta, sandalwood, madhuyashtiks, kaliyaka, usheera, and more as per formulation of Kumkumadi oil in ancient ayurvedic texts. , Saffron, Purified Water,Pure essential oils of Sandalwood, Rose, Vetivar,Geranium, Cedarwood , emulsifying wax, Potassium Sorbate, cetearyl alcohol, citric acid Herbal Cream to massage on face. It removes under eye circles, improves skin complexion and texture, relieves blemishes, acne, scars and black heads, has anti ageing qualities. Take a small amount of cream on your fingers and apply it under the eyes. Massage gently in circular motion spreading to the cheeks.
₹ 100.00

Sesame Oil Kajal

Sesame Oil Kajal Ingredients : Prepared from Pure Sesame oil from Kerela in Ayurvedic manner. Benefits : Protects eyes against sunlight and irritations, improves vision. Gives a dark smoky look to the eyes. How To Use : Apply a smoth layer of kajal onto a plastic or metal wand or your finger tip. Using the first finger of your left hand, pull the lower lid of your eye and look in upward direction. Draw out a line with the wand, starting from inner corners of the eyelids to the outside.
₹ 60.00 ₹ 123.00


Ocuhills 30 Capsule Main Ingredients : Triphala Ocuhills is a classic Ayurvedic Preparation of Triphala Ghrita.
₹ 237.00 ₹ 233.00

Ocuhills Kit

Ocuhills Kit Includes : Formulation - Ocuhills - 30 Soft capsules Single Herb - Triphalahills - 60 tablets Single Herb - Amlahills - 60 capsules
₹ 571.00 ₹ 462.00