Medi Chant Dhoop Sticks

BIOBLISS MEDI CHANT DHOOP STICKS Biobliss MediChant Pure Cow dung Dhoop Sticks of Traditional India.
Manufacturer: Bio Bliss (Cowpathy)
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₹ 42.00


Benefits: 1. Reducing Anxiety & Tension 2.Enhancing Concentration & Focus 3. Simply as an air freshener 4. Stimulating Creativity .

Ingredients: Cow dung, Cow Urine, CowGhee, Natural resins and Gangajal.

How to use: 1. Light the tip of the incensestick. If your incense has a bamboo stick, hold the uncoated portion of the bamboo stick and light the opposite "coated" end. If it's a solid stick you can light either end. 2. Gently extinguish the flame by blowing or fanning. Your incense should glow red and give off a delicate wisp of pale fragrant smoke indicating that it is slowly burning or "smoldering." 3. Place the unlit end in an appropriate incense burner.

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Weight 50 GM''
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