Moth Whole 1 Kg

Natureland Organics Moth Whole Product Features: • Certified organic • 100% Natural • Rich in Fiber and Protein • Healthy and tasty • Without Polish • Adulterant Free • Anti inflammatory • Packed with natural proteins, • Cleaned and Hygienically Packed. Net Weight: 1kg
Manufacturer: Nature Land
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Moth Whole

Moth Bean is the main source of protein and calories. It can always be sprouted and cooked as salads to make a crunchy snack which will make you feel light on stomach. Natureland Organics Moth Whole is medium sized and has a great traditional taste since organically grown using traditional seeds and processed traditionally. It is machine cleaned and handpicked, before packing to ensure its purity and hygiene, which is healthier, tastier and have high nutritional value, easy to digest and easy to cook.

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