PALM 2.5" Round Bowl (Pack Of 50)

PALM 2.5" Round Bowl 2.5- Inch Round Disposable Dinner Eco Bowl- 100% Compostable, Fancy & Sturdy Fit for Wedding & Party – Made of Areca Palm Leaf – Wooden Bamboo Look.
Manufacturer: Adaaya
₹ 237.00

PALM 2.5" Round Bowl

  1. Dimension-2.5'' Across Pack of 50. Great upscale alternatives to Paper Plates Disposables and Plastic use &throw tablewareBamboo Bowl.
  2. Shine at your wedding reception or party. Let the guests drool over your choice of dinnerware.
  3. Smart Round Areca Palm Bowl. Adaaya Farm leaf tableware’s are perfect option for disposable servings for party/ wedding dinner or at restaurants. The leaf plates & bowls are biodegradable and made for heavy duty.
  4. 100% Natural, Biodegradable, Eco-friendly and Compostable. Sturdy: very thick, does not Sag, Leak or Break. Leaf Plates & Disposable from Adaaya Farm. Perfect for heavy duty & bulk servings.
  5. Natural textured Areca Palm Leaf platters - Each piece is unique & the colors range from hues of peach to tan.
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