Shampoo 200 Ml

BioBliss Herbal Shampoo 200 Ml Biobliss Panchagavya Herbal Shampoo has the unique formulation of Panchagavya which gently cleanses your hair for a smooth moisturized look. Ingredient Herbs and Panchagavya (Cow Milk, Cow Ghee, Cow Curd, Cow Dung and Cow Urine).
Manufacturer: Bio Bliss (Cowpathy)
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Panchagavya Herbal Shampoo 200 Ml

BioBliss Panchagavya Herbal Shampoo
The unique formulation of Panchagavya gently cleanses your hair for a smooth moisturised look.
Ingredients – Herbs and Panchagavya (Cow Milk, Cow Ghee, Cow Curd, Cow Dung and cow Urine).

Ingredients: Each 100 ml contains: 27gm of Panchgavya, Shikakai, 500mg Ashwagandha, 500mg Aamla, 500mg Brahmi, 500mg Bhringraj, 500mg Kaddu Seeds, 500mg Gul mehandi, 500mg Bottle Gourd, 500mg Curry Leaves, 100mg Jatamansi, 500mg Neem(Azadirachta indica), 300mg Anant Mool, 500mg Aloe Vera,500mg Hibscus Flowere & Gangajal.

How to use: Massage onto hair and rinse throughly. Repeatapplication and use twice daily. Wash twice to condition your hair.

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