About us

About Swadeshi Walmart 

Swadeshi Walmart is the Online market Place of organic & Swadeshi Products. We offer the largest collection of organic and swadeshi Products from trusted and certified organic Indian brands. Our aim is to steer ahead the way for organic & swadeshi living as indispendible part of people lifestyle while creating awareness about organic. It is a step towards healthy life.


We help customer to discover the longest variety of organic in the industries and sell organic product online in Bharat. It was not just shopping, also increse awareness about Health and lifestyle via online community. 

It will help customer awareness about Organic Insights and understand organics in a very formal,uncomplicated & simplified way for people to discussed and raise their opinion.


In the online products available on indigenous Walmart, those items produced by natural farming are given preference, in which chemical fertilizers, insecticides and chemicals purchased from outside have not been used either at all or in very small quantities Be the nature which is least harmful for the living and human beings.

The products produced by natural cultivation of indigenous walmart do not just mean that dung manure is being used in place of urea. It is necessary to clarify this thing at the beginning. The adoption of indigenous Walmart's natural farming means only means prior to the Green Revolution, Do not go back to the ways of your father-in-law. As well as adopting these traditional methods, the knowledge and experience gained in the past 40-50 years have also been used.

The purpose of indigenous Walmart's natural farming is to get honorable and assured earnings to the farmer, cultivate small holdings also give honorable employment and life, providing healthier and adequate food to every person. Apart from this, natural farming can also be an important contribution to the environment balance.

Indigenous Wal-Mart is a successful medium to meet the expectations and expectations of Global Digital India. A large number of youth across the country have begun to try themselves in view of this safe and beneficial future. We are the facilitator of this new economic revolution for all.

India's agriculture is based on monsoon which is full of uncertainty. The market is strong even if the monsoon is good and strong, but the man's food needs 365 days of the year, in which the farmers also compete towards chemical cultivation in a competition to produce more food at a lower cost. In such a whole year, we can keep our families safe for our children by adopting indigenous products produced by indigenous Wal-Mart.