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Arjuna capsules (Arjunahills) is AN Ayurvedic combination of pure powder of mythical being Bark and Pure mythical being Bark extract. mythical being capsule is synergistically processed with extremely advanced technology at Herbalhills. Terminalia mythical being / Arjun chaal is specially hand-picked and manually hierarchal to offer the best merchandise. Arjunahills is developed in capsules kind and made in GMP certified facility. As per piece of writing, mythical being is additionally called Heart Tonic. mythical being hills (Arjuna) 500mg capsule is AN Ayurvedic formulation of 250mg pure powder of mythical being bark and 250mg Pure Arjuna bark extract, contains active levels of tannins together with Arjunic acid that has inhibitor & steroid alcohol lowering properties. Terminalia mythical being bark herb has bio-active constituents that are noted to exhibit medicative additionally as physiological activities.



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