Just think what you are eating

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Just think what you are eating

With money you can earn convenience – not happiness, you are healthy then it is happy.

Today, the food which is common in the operation such as (group, rice, ghee, cream, etc.), in which many types of poisonous lasers are used, this type of food is called Non-Organic

The biggest hand in our sickness is our food because the food we eat does not actually contain poison.

1. Do not go to her glow when buying stuff, go to her reality, how to make this stuff and vegetables.

2. Do not eat vegetables that have been planted in the industrial or gutters.

3. Excessive manure uses pesticide chemicals to make poisonous vegetables and people have stomach disorders

4. This is the biggest problem of Third World: Poisonous fruit vegetables are sold to the common man, people know when they buy them.

5. Rubbing the green vegetable in hand, if the color is missing, then the color is used.

6. Take time to cook vegetables, then understand this is happening with the use of chemical.

7. Wash the vegetables thoroughly while tasting. See if there is anything wrong then keep the vegetables in the open. If light blacks fall, then use chemicals.

Organic equivalent is the same in which no chemicals or medicines are used

    1. Organic food is 50 to 60% more nutritious according to health.

    2. Organic foods are 25 to 30% expensive than ordinary food items.

    3. Organic foods are preserved from simple food for twice as long.

     4. Organic foods keep 30 to 40% away from medicines and doctors.

     5. Organic foods are cooked in the kitchen, they are prepared in simple time with ½ time.

     6. Organic foods are delicious according to taste.


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